Birthday Cakes

Ben 10 Birthday Cake

So this week saw my Nephew turn 4. A few months ago I asked him what cake he would like for his birthday and I was told ‘Ben 10’ with the inclusion of every alien in the whole show (panic!). So we finally compromised and got this down to Ben 10 and Echo Echo. Because […]

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‘SuperMan’ Birthday Cake

So here’s my newest cake, A few weeks ago a friend of the family asked me to create a Superman cake for her boyfriend. She wanted a quite simple smallish cake, as it was only her and her boyfriend that would be eating it (and maybe a few friends that realise there is cake) To […]

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F1 Car Birthday Cake

Over the past 8 months Alex has watched me create cakes for everyone in our family, and with every cake trying to better the previous. Now its his birthday, so I have been planning this cake for a long time. I really wanted to create a McClaren F1 car. Only problem was I had absolutely no idea […]

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