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Lynsey Jackson - Cakes by Lynz

So here’s a little backstory on my caking adventures. Cakes by Lynz was first set up in 2011 by Lynsey Jackson (that’s me in the photo!). I’d previously spent years making celebration cakes for friends and family, practicing different techniques whilst reading and watching every tutorial I could find. I then started selling my cakes and continued this for 5 years. At the same time I also set up my other company The Little Touches where I was designing and making wedding stationery. Throughout these 5 years the 2 companies worked in harmony making cakes and stationery, but as The Little Touches grew I had to make the tough decision to stop selling cakes to the public and concentrate on designing and making stationery. But the Cakes by Lynz story definitely does not end there. Although I was no longer making cakes to sell, I really missed making cakes. There really is nothing like standing back after hours of work and seeing the creation you have made.

So this saw a new chapter for Cakes by Lynz. When I was first learning to make cakes I used to say that I learnt through the ‘School of YouTube’. I would spend hours watching all the tutorials I could, so I thought I would start making my own video tutorials, sharing all the tips and tricks that I have learnt and adapted along the way. So that was the start of the Cakes by Lynz YouTube channel.

Over the years the Cakes by Lynz YouTube channel has continued to grow both in the amount of tutorials now available and also the amount of people following along. I am so appreciative of everyone who watches the tutorials, comments and subscribes to the channel and all my social media. This website is a combination of my video tutorials, recipes, reviews and all my cake adventures. I really hope you enjoy following me on this journey!

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