the ultimate strawberry cake decorating tutorial and recipe

This week I have the ultimate strawberry cake tutorial to share with you. If you’re looking for a summery, fruity themed cake, this cake has it all. The cake itself is strawberry flavoured with the yummiest strawberry buttercream, there are strawberries on the board, a giant fondant strawberry on the front and the cake is finished off with the new strawberry themed sprinkles by Happy Sprinkles.

Click below to watch the tutorial ⇩ and scroll down for the recipe.

The Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake recipe

With the theme for this cake being strawberries I knew I had to make it a strawberry sponge cake. The cake was a 6 inch sponge cake, 4 layers in height. I flavoured the sponge with strawberry flavouring and added some diced strawberry pieces by Lio Licious. The strawberry pieces are freeze dried so they are packed with flavour but don’t add any liquid into the cake that you sometimes get with fruit. I then coloured the cakes pink with some pink food gel.

The cake was based on my vanilla sponge cake recipe, but I added 25% more of the ingredients to make it a little taller for the strawberry on the front.

The recipe I used for the strawberry cake was:
15oz / 425g – Self Raising Flour
15oz / 425g – Butter
15oz / 425g – Caster Sugar
5 medium eggs
1.5 tbsp Strawberry Flavouring
15g – Freeze dried diced strawberry
Colour Splash Raspberry Food gel

This was split into 2x 6inch cake tins and baked at 170 degrees Celsius for 1 hour.

The recipe I used for the buttercream was:
500g – Butter
1kg – Icing Sugar
1.5 tbsp Freeze dried strawberry powder ( or as much as you would like to create the flavour & colour you want)
2 tbsp milk

Strawberry powder by lio licious

In the video you will see that I added strawberry powder into the buttercream to make the pretty pinky / red colour and to add the most amazing flavour. I also loved that you could see tiny flex of strawberry in the buttercream too. You can use strawberry powder in the cake itself but I have found it turns a little brown when baked and wasn’t as strong in the sponge as the flavouring. But for buttercream there is honestly nothing better.

Giant Strawberry & The Strawberry Cake Board

I absolutely loved creating the giant strawberry and painting the strawberry cake board.

The strawberry on the front is made from fondant, with a small amount of tylos powder added just to firm it up a little. You will see in the tutorial when the colour was added and the confectioners glaze to give it the shine of a strawberry it really came to life. I used 110g of fondant for the main part of the strawberry, but it can be made in any size, you could even add it as a topper on the top of your cake.

tutti Fruity strawberry cake board

I have to admit I think the board is my favourite part of this cake. I used the strawberry shape from the SweetStamp Tutti Frutti element set and embossed the pattern around the edge of the board. I then filed in the shapes with edible paint. It took a little while, but I think it was the perfect addition to this cake. As well as the strawberry you can also get watermelon, lemon, orange, apples, cherries and a banana cake in the set, so its perfect for any fruity themed cake. I used them on the cake board but you can also use the shapes on the side of a fondant cover cake too.

Sweet Stamp have kindly given me a 10% off voucher code, to give to all of you, if you purchase from their website. That includes the element sets and the brushes I was using, plus anything else you like on their website!

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The Sprinkles

buttercream strawberry cake with sprinkles

So these sprinkles were the inspiration behind the whole cake. When I saw the new ‘very strawberry’ sprinkles from Happy Sprinkles I just knew I had to create a strawberry themed cake for them to go onto. I added in some of their red choco balls as I had added so much red onto the cake, so this was to tie it all together.

buttercream strawberry cake with sprinkles

If you want to get your hands on some Happy Sprinkles they have also kindly given me a 10% off discount code for me to share with you.

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I absolutely loved making this cake and I hope you enjoy the tutorial, and will be able to use some of the elements of this cake in your own cake decorating.

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Tools I used

I have put a list below showing all the tools that I used throughout this video or if you would like to see all my favourite cake decorating tools just click here:

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6 inch cake tins (similar):
Colour Splash raspberry food gel:
Ganache plates / Acrylic disks:
Offset spatula (small):
PME Cake Smoother 10inch:
Glass Cutting Board (similar):
PME mini pallet knife:
Non slip mats:
Rolling Pin:
Renshaw Fondant (White):
Modelling tools:
Edible glue:
Piping bags I use:
1m Piping Tip:
Confectioners Glaze:
EdibleArt White Paint:

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buttercream Strawberry cake tutorial with recipe