This past weekend I not only had the pleasure of attending the wedding of a close family member, but I also got to make their wedding cake too. The cake itself had a central flower that the rest of the foliage sat around, and this flower was a peach David Austin Rose. I absolutely love this type of rose as they are just so delicate and pretty with their ruffled center. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share with you just how I make my David Austin sugar roses. So in this weeks video tutorial I have a step by step guide, explaining each step from the tools you with need to adding all the different layers of petals.

David Austin Rose Tutorial

To make the rose I used 3 different sizes of rose petal cutters. The petal cutters I used in this video were the 3 largest sizes from the Windsor set of 5 rose petal cutters. These are also the same rose cutters that I use to make my more traditional style roses, so if you have experience of making traditional roses you won’t need any new tools. I also used a petal veiner to add a realistic feel to the larger of the petals.

So to break it down, the rose is made up of 5 center buds, each bud is finished with with 5 ruffled petals using the smallest of the 3 cutters. These are then placed together with the joins facing the center. There is then 2 further rows of petals using the middle size cutter, the first being 5 petals and the second being 6. I then finished the rose off with 2 additional rows of the largest cutter which measures 1.5 inches across. These were in rows of 6 and 7 petals and they had the edge of the petal curved outwards to open the flower up.

I really loved how the rose turned out and I think it made a great addition to the wedding cake I was making.

David Austin Rose tutorial

Below is the full video tutorial, and I really hope you will enjoy it useful if you are looking to make your own David Austin Rose. If you are looking for a standard rose you will find a different tutorial for this on my Tutorials page!.

I have also put a link below to the rest of the tools I used throughout this video:

Windsor Rose Cutters:
Similar Rose Cutters by FMM:
Squires Petal Paste (Gumpaste):
Ball Tool:
PME Foam Pads:
Modelling tools:
Rose Veiner (Similar to the one I used):