When it comes to cakes one of the things I love to create the most is gumpaste flowers. I love to see how realistic I can get them and think they look so beautiful on the top of a birthday or wedding cake. When creating flower arrangements because the gumpaste sets hard before you arrange them on the cake, you are more than likely going to be left with gaps between them. However hard you try they just never seen to fit exactly together. This is where filler flowers and buds are perfect, they not only add some variety and additional colour to your flowers, they also fill the gaps so you can’t see the wires.

I have put a video together showing exactly how I make my filler buds. Now there are so many different variations of flowers buds in nature, but I show you some generic styles, which look perfect next to your larger flowers, like roses and peonies.

I really hope you enjoy this video, and find it useful when creating your own flower arrangements just like the one below. As you can see the flower buds have been placed between the roses in a variety of sizes and colours, which compliment the colour of the main flowers.

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