Anyone who knows me, knows I do love a slice of chocolate cake, and this recipe is by far my favourite. If I ever need to make a chocolate cake this is my favourite to make, whether it’s just for simple decoration or to cover in icing to decorate for a birthday. It has such a deep chocolate flavour, and is so moist, which in truth is probably down to the copious amount of melted chocolate you add when baking it, but who doesn’t love a little bit of chocolate!

Chocolate cake Recipe

I have put together a video tutorial for you, detailing the ingredients and all the steps to make this chocolate cake. Now the recipe can be used for any cake, the one I have made was a 6 inch cake which stood around 5 inches in height, so the cake can be scaled up or down depending on how big you need it. In the video I decided to finish the cake with a smooth milk chocolate ganache, melted dark chocolate and layers of fresh fruit, which I think really does make it stand out. But whether you need a cake for a birthday party, a wedding or just a get together with friends this chocolate cake would be perfect.

Chocolate Cake Recipe

I really hope you enjoy this video, but most of all I hope you enjoy making the cake. Also if your looking for a detailed tutorial for my chcolate ganache which features in this video be sure to check out my other video tutorials Oh and don’t forget you can subscribe to my YouTube channel for all my new tutorials and recipes and if you have any comments or questions please just let me know.

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Chocolate Cake Recipe