Around a year ago I filmed a video showing my 4 favourite piping tips. This video has blown me away with the amount of views and the amazing comments and feedback. So many people have been asking for some more piping tip styles, so I am so excited to have my new YouTube video Piping Tips #2 up for everyone to watch. I have picked another 4 of my favourite styles to show you, which have been created using 3 different piping tips, the Wilton 2d, the Wilton 6b & the 195k.

I love them all, but I think my favourite technique is how you can create 2 swirls with the same piping tip, in this case the Wilton 2d, but just by slowing down the speed that you pipe the result is so much different. Instead of getting a slight ruffle, you get the prettiest dome of ruffles. Check out the video to see the difference.

Cupcake Piping Tips

Cupcake Piping Tips

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Below is a list of the tools I used to make the bauble cake that you might find useful:
2d piping tip:
6B piping tip:
Piping bags I use:

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Cupcake Piping Tips techniques