Continuing the sporting theme I seem to have this September I have created a replica of the F1 birthday cake I first make back in February. I have had such great feedback from this cake and I think it is definitely one of the most popular cakes I have made. I was asked by a lady called Sue to create an F1 cake for her Dads 70th birthday. I have to admit it is a little daunting creating a replica of a cake you have already made, in the back of you mind you are aware that it must look exactly the same. When the cake was finished and I stepted back I have to admit I loved it even more the 2nd time around. It was actually a lot less stressful because I knew what I was doing with this cake and all the little things I said to myself I would do differently the first time to make it better I was able to do.

Once the cake was picked up it had to travel 1200 miles to the south of France where the birthday was being celebrated. I tried to keep this in mind and make the cake more stable to enable it to survive the long trip. The back spoiler was my main concern, but by bringing the gumpaste all the way to the board it was able to take its own wait and sturdy itself, I really hope this worked and it arrived in 1 piece.

There were a few changes to this cake as the F1 season has moved on since the first cake I made. The tyres now have the Pirelli logos on them as opposed to Bridge-stone. The Vodafone logos on the front have been swapped around, and they lost the Santander logo from the back. I have uploaded loads more images of this cake into my cake gallery, so please take a look.