Apr 29, 2014

Bronze Award at the Cake International Awards 2014

A few weeks ago I took part in my first Cake International competition which was held at the London Excel center. My entry was in the Wedding Cake category and the cake needed to be 3 tiers or more. The cake that I entered was a 5 tier cake with 2 different height tiers combined in a purple / fushia pink colour scheme…

When designing the cake I wanted to create something very pretty, but bold. I created handmade roses, peonies, hydrangeas, lilacs and freesia buds in a combination of light pinks, fushia pinks, purples and lilacs. I really wanted them to compliment each other. The flowers were placed on the top in a dome and at the bottom of the board. I also created a large purple gumpaste bow on the front which I wanted to look like had been tied from material draped around the tiers. I was really happy with how the material looking gumpaste turned out (although it was extremely challenging at times to get the folds just right).

I really loved being part of the competition and it was amazing seeing all the visitors to the show looking at my cake and I got really lovely feedback. I really didn’t expect to be awarded anything, but I was really delighted to get a Bronze Award. There were things I could of improved on, and the Cake International competitions have such a high level of amazing cakes, so I will definitely be entering the Birmingham show at the end of the year to try and improve on my award. I really love the colours and tier combination of the cake that I created and I hope you all do too.

Mar 23, 2014

Black & Gold Dessert Table

In January I had the pleasure of creating items which were to be used on a dessert table for a 30th birthday party with a black and gold theme. The party was created by the party and wedding planner Aimee Dunne, at the beautiful Fawsley Hall. The different items which I created to make up the dessert table were a 2 tier black ruffle and gold cake, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops and all the stationery / printed designs which can be seen on the table. I loved the black and gold theme and think these 2 colours worked so well together…

The cake itself was 2 tiers made up of a 6 inch cake on the top and 8 inch cake on the bottom. The bottom was covered in black icing / fondant ruffles and the top was painted gold with edible gold colouring. The number 30 on top was cut out of black gumpaste in the same style as the fonts used on the stationery to tie it all together.

When creating the cake pops, cookies and cupcakes I used a variety of gold edible glitters and sugars to decorate them. My favourite had to be the very find edible gold that was sprinkled over the cake pops as they dried. I used the edible glitter over the top of yellow candy melts which gave such a lovely shimmer effect.

I also had the opportunity to create all the stationery which was to be used around the venue for the party, this included menus for food and cocktails, which can be see in the photo below, sweet signs and signs for the dessert table. I loved bringing design elements from both the cakes and stationery together and combining them so they fit perfectly within the theme. More of my stationery designs can be see on my wedding based website The Little Touches.

Mar 21, 2014

In the Night Garden cakes

In April 2012 I created my first In the Night garden cake for a little boy called Danny, I had no idea that this would turn out to be my most popular cake. Since then I have created 6 others in exactly the same design and 2 which feature the Ninky Nonk. I have been wanting to put all the pictures together for ages to show you all them together…

I think the think that I am most proud of with all these cakes is how similar they actually are, everytime I make one I want to perfect tiny bits, but without changing the design that the people have asked for. I have loved creating every single one and I think I could probably make one with my eyes closed now (please don’t test me!). One of the ones I really loved was Amelia’s version where I made the red flower balls in pink to make it slightly more girly. Looking at all these pictures I can only imagine how many tiny flowers I have cut out to make over 80 flower balls.

Recently as well as the 2 tier version I have actually created 2 In the Night garden cakes which were slightly different and included the Ninky Nonk. The first was a single tier round cake which featured Iggle piggle standing in front of the gazebo and the second was a take on this cake but all the decorations were placed on a Number 1 shaped cake.

I have loved creating all these cakes, and it had been so nice to see their faces or hear how much they enjoyed them at their parites. I’m sure that I will be creating more In the Night garden cakes in the future.

Mar 14, 2014

Winnie the Pooh Cake

After I made the Bob the builder cake for Felix I was asked to create a cake for his little brother Oliver’s first birthday. I was so happy when they asked me to make a Winnie the Pooh cake as I love all the chatacters. They wanted something similar to the Eeyore cake that I had previously made but with more blue and green, with Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Tigger…

I loved creating this cake. It was a 10 inch vanilla sponge with chocolate buttercream cake. The characters were made from icing / fondant and the bunting behind which had Oliver’s name on it was made from gumpaste.

My favourite thing about this cake are the characters. I started with Winnie the Pooh and Piglet and have to say these were a lot easier than Tigger. Tigger took a few attempts to get the head exactly right, but I was so happy when he was finished and it was worth the hours that I had sat there modelling him. In order to get his tail to stay up right there is actually a wire that runs through it and pushes into the cake, the same as the wire holding up the balloon.

Mar 13, 2014

Bob the Builder Cake

A while ago I created a bob the builder cake for a little boy called Felix. Last year I made his 2nd birthday cake which was an In the Night Garden cake, so it was so nice to create something for his 3rd birthday. For this years cake his mum told me he was into Bob the Builder and loved the Scoop the yellow tractor. We came up with a design that incorporated his favourite characters and also the theme of Bob and Scoop working on construction on the cake…

The cake itself was a 10inch vanilla sponge cake with chocolate buttercream. The characters and decoration is all edible, the cat, bricks and tools are all modeled out of icing/fondant, and the 2 main characters were modelled out of 50/50 – icing/gumpaste although I did need the help of some sticks to hold the characters up.

I have to admit that my favourite part of this cake is the brick walls that are being constructed around the cake with the cement in the middle. They just really made the cake and the characters come to life and really gave a real feel for the cartoon. On the top behind Bob the builder was an array of tools, including his saw, screw drivers, nails and bits of wood which were quite fiddly to make, especially the miniature nails, but it meant that there was something to look at on this cake from all directions.

I really hope Felix liked the cake as much as I enjoyed making it for him.