Jan 18, 2011

My first attempt at Gumpaste Roses

So I have an idea for a cake, it’s Alex’s mum’s birthday in a week and I was thinking of creating quite a simple cake with flowers as the main focus. Ever since I made the orchid flower pot cake (this is in my gallery) I have been wanting to try my hand at flower modelling again. I have seen so many amazing roses online so this is what I decided upon. Now I just had to wait for supplies… I had ordered the Windsor set of rose cutters, edible glue, foam and of course gum paste. With all this ready and my excitement to get started bubbling away I aimed all my focus at You Tube. I found some amazing tutorials for gum paste roses and between them I managed to create my first rose.

The main image above is the first rose that I made. I was pleasantly surprised on how well it went. Granted my fingers were all stuck together with glue but I think it might actually resemble a rose? I had decided that the cake would need 3 roses in total, but I felt the 1st rose had been too tight. I wanted to create the large open roses that I had seen. The images on the right are my second and third attempt at a rose, now for the cake…

Jan 1, 2011

Welcome to cakesbylynz.co.uk

Let me start by welcoming you to my cake blog!! My name is Lynsey Gunner and I have fallen in love with the art of making cakes, and have quite possibly become rather obsessed along the way. I am quite new to this and have been leaning new skills from other people over the internet and just general trial and error for the past year. I first fell in love with making cute little cupcakes for my family and 8 months ago I decided to attempt the task of creating a cake for my Mums 50th birthday (you can see the results in my cakes gallery, it’s the one with the Forever Friend on top) and what followed is here for all to see…

Welcome to cakes by Lynz

I wanted to create this blog as I thought sharing my experiences might help others like me who are just starting out, and help me keep track of how I am progressing. I have filled my galleries with all the cakes, cupcakes, cookies and gum paste models I have made so far so please take a look. I would love to hear from anyone who has stumbled across my blog, maybe with some helpful advice or just to let me know what you think.