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Jun 19, 2011

Fathers Day Cupcakes

Today is Fathers day and my dad is coming over later for a lovely summer bbq (if the weather holds out), so I thought I would show my dad just how great he is with a set of cupcakes, plus his own small cake just for him, as I’m sure the cupcakes won’t last very long.

The cupcakes and small center cake are all chocolate, with a vanilla buttercream. The decorations are all made from icing / fondant, except the trophy which is made of gumpaste, because it kept bending when I made it out of icing. The trophy is covered in silver lustre dust to give it it’s shine. Here is a close up…

I have put a few more images of these cakes in the cupcake gallery, so please take a look.

May 28, 2011

Forever Friends Cupcakes

As soon as I finished my nephews Ben 10 cake it was my Mums birthday. Last year I made her the Forever Friends cake that is in my gallery. I was around this time that my obsession with cakes started, so I thought I would mark the occasion with a new set of Forever Friends cakes for this years birthday. You have to understand something about my mum, she absolutely loves Forever Friends, so this is really the only design I can make her. I decided to make individual cupcakes (one for each member of our family) and decorate each one singularly. I really wanted to incorporate all the Forever Friends characters, the bear, the duck and the puppy…

The cupcakes are chocolate cupcakes with a vanilla buttercream swirl on top. I then placed a circle of white icing which was embossed and lightly dusted with white lustre dust, this acted as a small platform for all the decorations. All the decorations are made of icing / fondant so they were entirely edible. I think these turned out really pretty and my mum really loved them. I have put alot more pictures of these cupcakes in my gallery so please take a look.

Apr 26, 2011

Bird House Cupcakes

Last night I had my family over for dinner so it was time to make some tasty cupcakes for desert. We have been having such nice weather at the moment and I have spent the last few days pottering around in my garden so I felt it only fitting to create some flower cupcakes with small replica bird houses like the ones I have attached to my fence. These seemed to go down very well so here is a little picture of the finished cakes. I have put more images of these cakes in my cupcake gallery so take a look.

From looking around other people blogs I often wonder what shape tips they use to create their great buttercream swirls. As I started to pipe my cupcakes I decided to share this information with you. This is a different tip to the one I usually use so it will also help me remember next time and stop me staring at my tip box for 10 minutes trying to remember which one I had picked last time. The tip below is no exact make, it came in a set of 6 that I brought from Lakeland. It has a large open star and created a large smooth swirl.

Apr 10, 2011

Textured Cupcakes Tutorial

Since my last post I have had such great feedback about my pretty pink cupcakes, to my utter surprise they even featured on The Cupcake Blog. I couldn’t believe it as I was scrolling down looking at everyone elses great cupcakes there they were, so I need to say a big thank you to Amanda for featuring me. This has definitely inspired me to try and get more cakes posted up more regularly.

Last week I had a lovely comment asking if I had thought about adding these cupcakes as a tutorial. I have been meaning to get round to filling out this section of the site but I have had no idea where to start… but here it is. I recreated making the textured iced cupcakes and took pictures at every stage. Just click here or go into the tutorials section and take a look.

This is my first tutorial so any feedback would be much appreciated.

Mar 26, 2011

Pretty Pink Cupcakes

This week I go asked to create a variety of cupcakes with a pink and white theme. The person who asked me had no preference to what the cupcakes looked like as long as they went with their colour scheme. As soon as I heard this I new exactly what I wanted to try. I have been wanting to try textured cupcakes for ages and recently I brought an embossing sheet from a craft shop so I was itching to try it out. The embossing sheet I used is made by ‘Cuttlebug’ and was called D’vine Swirl. They are meant to be used for embossing paper I think but once rolled onto icing they are a perfect size for the round cutter for the top of the cupcake. Below are the 4 individual designs that I made. I loved the fact that they were really girly and pretty and love the way the lustre brings out the pattern on domed cakes.