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Feb 22, 2013

Ruffle Cupcakes

I had a couple coming round to talk about having a ruffle wedding cake so I made these cupcakes as a tester. I have to admit I loved making these cupcakes. The colours all went really well together and they were just so sweet with the added edible balls.

One of my favourite things about these cupcakes are the swirls. This was done with a nozzle which has a flat edged star and it gives this great ruffle effect. The ruffle detail which is made out of icing / fondant is made up of 4 layers of circles cut and ruffled at the edges with a ball tool.

One thing that I did with these cupcakes was add food gel to each cupcake in the corresponding colour to the buttercream. This meant as they took a bite the cupcake was the same colour (in case you were wondering why the cupcake on with the blue buttercream looks like a strange colour).

Feb 22, 2013

Mint ruffle cake & cupcake tower

This was the final cake display that I took with me to the Delting wedding fair. I had designed a set of wedding stationery in a minty/green colour and I wanted the cutting cake and cupcakes to reflect this. The invitations include ribbon and is designed in quite a modern style, so I decided to compliment them with a ruffle cake as this is always very popular…

The cutting cake was a 6 inch round cake 5inches in height covered in icing / fondant ruffles. This sat on top of my new clear monochrome cupcake stand. I have to admit probably the hardest part of this was deciding what cupcake tower to buy. I did so much research, I wanted a stand that was strong and durable, that didn’t need extra supports that would be in the way of the cupcakes and I wanted it to look nice. I think I made the right choice and I have 2 more plates which can be added to the bottom to make it bigger.

The picture above shows a closeup of the ruffle cake and the bunting. The gumpaste bunting is embossed with ‘Just Married’ which is similar to the ‘Almost married’ cake I made for my hen party but I just love the little ribbon detail at the bottom.

To match the cutting cake I made a selection of cupcakes, some had circle ruffles on them and the others had icing / fondant ribbons with the bride and grooms name and a heart design taken from the invitation.

If you would like to see matching wedding invitations, save the dates and place names all designed to match this cake then take a look at the galleries on my other website dedicated to all things weddings, The Little Touches.

Jan 30, 2013

Christmas Cakes

It has been a while since I put any blog posts up, but I would like to wish everyone a belated Happy New Year and I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. 2012 was a really good year and I have loads of new cakes that I completed at the end of last year that I will tell you about over the next few weeks. I thought the first cakes that I would show you would be the cakes that me and my family had for Christmas.

This cake was a traditional fruit cake made for my Mum and Dad for Christmas day. It was just a simple design with a little snowman just to make it a bit more Christmasy. Unfortunately I don’t actually eat fruitcake myself but they ashore me it was really nice.

Because I don’t eat fruitcake I decided to make the cupcakes below, I made loads of these. They went to both Christmas celebrations with my family and my husbands family. They were chocolate chip cupcakes covered in a chocolate icing / fondant dome and decorated to look like little Christmas pudding, and the kids really seemed to like them which was good.

Aug 24, 2012

Olympic Cupcakes

As Olympic fever has hit England I was thrilled to be asked to create 75 Olympic themed cupcakes for the company my Dad works for which is just down the road from the Olympic park…

There were 5 different variations of design, The Olympic rings, the torch, the Team GB logo, The London 2012 logo and the medals in gold, silver and bronze. The cupcakes were vanilla and chocolate with buttercream swirls. All the decorations were made out of icing / fondant and were completely edible.

My favourite design out all all 5 were the medals, I had so much fun making these. I first made a model of one of the medals from polymer clay. I then baked it in the oven until it went solid and used this to create a mould from moulding putty. This then allowed me to make exact replicas of my model from the correct colour icing and cover them in corresponding lustre dust to give them a metallic finish.

There are more images of these cupcakes in my cupcake gallery.

Jun 4, 2012

Queens Jubilee Cupcakes

This weekend it is the Queens diamond Jubilee, and all over England people are having Jubilee parties. I was asked to create 70 Jubilee / British themed cupcakes for one of those parties…

I spilt the 70 cupcakes into 3 different designs. 24 of the cupcakes were vanilla flavour with domed buttercream covered in icing / fondant union Jacks. The next 24 were chocolate with chocolate buttercream with a blue disks placed on top with gold crowns on them. The rest were Lemon flavour with ruffled buttercream with hand painted Union Jack disks on top. It was really fun creating these and getting into the Jubilee spirit although when I got to 50 I did wonder if I was ever going to get them finished as there was so much detail on each one.

I have put more images in my cupcake gallery, so check those out.