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Mar 12, 2013

Pink Flower (gerbera) Giant Cupcake

I made this cake for a good friend of mines birthday a little while ago. I wanted to create something that was really pretty and feminine. I decided on a giant cupcake as I really wanted to try out a different technique of icing the top than the ones I had used previously…

I was so happy she liked the cake as it was a surprise. The cake itself was vanilla on the bottom and chocolate on the top with corresponding buttercream. The buttercream on the outside was pipped into the rose swirls with the 2D wilton piping tip which is one of my favourites. The gerbera flowers were made out of gumpaste using the PME daisy cutters in 2 sizes for the petals, which I also used to make the shapes on the board. It was really nice having the 2 different shades of pink which I tried to also pick out in the 2 butterflies.

Mar 12, 2013

Mother’s Day Cupcakes

Sunday was Mother’s day in the UK and this meant cupcakes. I was asked by a few people to create some Mother’s day cupcakes for them to give their Mums, and I also made a box for my Mum too…

The theme of the cupcakes was very similar to the best friend cupcakes I made a few months ago. Although I chose to make the Mother’s day ones in yellow and I think it made them have a nice Spring time theme about them. They included little yellow flowers and butterflies plus icing ribbons and plaques which said ‘Happy Mothers Day’.

I really love how these cupcakes look together as a set, but I wanted to make them look more like a gift. I created Happy Mothers day gift tags and wrapped the box in matching yellow ribbon which I think looked really pretty. My Mum was really pleased with her box and I hope she had a lovely Mother’s day.

Mar 6, 2013

Knitting Cupcakes

After making the best friend cupcakes for a lady I was asked to create some knitting themed cupcakes for another one of her friends. These were such fun cupcakes as I was able to use a variety of pastel colours…

One of the things I really like on these cupcakes is the buttons. These were made by using real buttons and pushing them into moulding putty which once sets allows you to use icing / fondant into the create the button shapes. I really hope the lady liked them as they were really fun to make.

Feb 25, 2013

Pink Best Friend Cupcakes

I was asked to create some girly cupcakes for a ladies best friends birthday. If there is one thing I really love its pink girly cupcakes.

These cupcakes were vanilla with vanilla buttercream died pink. I used my flat star nozzle to create ruffle swirls which I think looks so pretty on girly cupcakes. I then added icing / fondant flowers, butterflies and messages. The thing I like most about these cupcakes is that they are all a bit different but still go together.

I really hope the ladies friend liked them…

Feb 24, 2013

Nautical Cupcakes

I was asked to create some cupcakes for a girls 21st birthday a little while ago with a nautical theme. The cupcake toppers were completely edible and included anchors, ship wheels, rope etc…

Once I had completed the cupcakes I felt that they needed something that added to the nautical theme and that they looked a bit plain in the white cupcake cases. I decided to design and make cupcake wrappers with blue and white sailor stripes and an anchor emblem on the front. I loved how these looked when I placed the cupcakes into the wrappers, it really added to the theme.