Use the pretty hair extensions styling spray as a good helper. The finished styling volume doesn't have to worry even if it clip in hair extensions rains. If you are a short-haired little fairy, you want to make the hair wigs overall shape a little more playful. You can also try to add a buckle to the remy hair extensions end of the hair like the B-station up to the main meter.


Giant Spiderman Cookie

One of the ladies who brought one of my Christmas gingerbread houses asked me to create a giant cookie for her grandsons birthday with his name on it. What I decided to create was a giant slab of gingerbread and a smaller single cookie themed around Spiderman. The large slab was 25cm x 10cm and […]

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Christmas Pudding Cookies

Happy 2012 everyone! (I know its a few weeks late) I am so behind with my blog posts and I have so many new cakes to show you. Between the start of December and where we are now, 2 weeks into January I have never baked so much. Over Christmas the oven was on constantly, […]

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Christmas Gingerbread Houses

Christmas is definitely here, I have been baking so much this month, and I have some great cakes and cookies to show you. First here is my Christmas gingerbread house. It was so much fun creating these 2 demo houses so people could see what they would look like. I had such great feedback from […]

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