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Mar 14, 2015

Roses with Butterflies 90th Birthday Cake

Last weekend it was my Nans 90th Birthday and we had huge family party to celebrate. I had the real pleasure of creating the cake especially for my Nan. She had asked for a fruit cake with a candle she could blow out. The cake I created was in a dusky pink and purple theme with added hints of gold…

The colours I used gave a real vintage feel to the cake, and I loved combining the dusky pink with the gold. The cake itself was a 10 inch fruit cake covered firstly in marzipan and then in white icing / fondant. The roses, hydrangeas and butterflies were all hand made out of gumpaste.

One of my favourite things about this cake was the candles. I had been looking for some nice large ’90′ candles which would really compliment the cakes. I was so happy when these arrived. I brought them from Janina hand made candles and they really were fantastic. They were completely covered in gold glitter and looked lovely poking out from behind the flowers. Because of the gold the candles brought to the cake I added the gold ribbon and also painted one of the butterlfies gold to tie it all together.

I was so happy with how the cake turned out and we had a lovely time celebrating with my Nan on her birthday.

If you would like to see how I made my roses and hydrangeas please check out my Youtube videos by clicking the link below:
Gumpaste Rose tutorial
Gumpaste Hydrangea flower tutorial

Nov 26, 2014

Pink Ombre Ruffle Cake Video Tutorial

One of my favourite cakes to make is probably the ombre ruffle cake. They look so pretty in any colour, so I thought I would make a video tutorial to show you the techniques that I use for adding the ruffles on the outside and also matching the cake colour on the inside of the cake. I love cutting the cake when people arn’t expecting the cake to be coloured. The tip is to use the food paste gels as the colours are so vibrant.

The ruffles are made from icing / fondant so the cakes are completely edible. I think the graduation of colour looks so eye-catching for any occasion.

Please find below the video tutorial. I really hope you like it and find it useful in your own cake decorating. If you do please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Also I would love to hear what you think of my new video tutorials, so if you have any comments or questions please just let me know.

Oct 31, 2014

Blue Ruffle Cake with a Bag & Shoes

I was asked to create a cake for a joint 30th & 60th birthday party which took place last Saturday. When we first started talking about the cake, they were looking for something that used different shades of blue and had a real feminine feel. They decided on a blue ruffle cake with some shoes and a bag modelled ontop…

The cake itself was a 9inch chocolate cake and I used 4 different shades of icing/ fondant to create the ruffles up the side, going from navy blue at the bottom to white on the top. I then modelled the shoes based on a pair of Louboutins that they really liked. To create the gumpaste shoes I used the same template that I created for my mini shoes tutorial and printed them out bigger so that they looked in proportion to the cake.

The large bag was then created using the same blue gumpaste. I think the bag and shoes went really nicely together, and I loved how this cake turned out. I really hope that the 2 birthday girls had a fantastic birthday.

Jul 9, 2014

Las Vegas Themed Roulette Wheel Cake

I created this cake a few weeks ago for a good friend of mines 30th birthday. I was so excited to create this cake. We had first started to talk about it at the beginning of the year when his wife asked me to help create some invitations for Steve’s surprise party. The invitations and cake were both to be Las Vegas themed…

Both the invitations and cake had the Las Vegas logo as the main focus and brought in the theme with the roulette wheel, the poker chips and the dice. I was so happy with how both the cake and invitations turned out.

The cake was a 10 inch round vanilla sponge which was 3 layers high, making it 5 inches in height. All the parts of the cake were completely edible and the Las Vegas sign was made out of gumpaste. All the poker chips, playing cards which were placed around the side and the sign were hand painted. I think one of my favourite things about this cake was the wood grain around the roulette wheel. I was so happy with how it turned out. I mixed different colours of brown into the icing and stopped before they were completely mixed in leaving this streaky brown pattern which resembled wood grain. I then airbrushed the bottom and top with a darker brown to make it stand out.

The cake and invitations fitted in so well with the party as they had an actual rulette wheel there and I was so happy that Steve liked the cake and I hope he had a fantastic birthday. There are more photos of the cake in my cake gallery and more photos of the invitations at

Mar 21, 2014

In the Night Garden cakes

In April 2012 I created my first In the Night garden cake for a little boy called Danny, I had no idea that this would turn out to be my most popular cake. Since then I have created 6 others in exactly the same design and 2 which feature the Ninky Nonk. I have been wanting to put all the pictures together for ages to show you all them together…

I think the think that I am most proud of with all these cakes is how similar they actually are, everytime I make one I want to perfect tiny bits, but without changing the design that the people have asked for. I have loved creating every single one and I think I could probably make one with my eyes closed now (please don’t test me!). One of the ones I really loved was Amelia’s version where I made the red flower balls in pink to make it slightly more girly. Looking at all these pictures I can only imagine how many tiny flowers I have cut out to make over 80 flower balls.

Recently as well as the 2 tier version I have actually created 2 In the Night garden cakes which were slightly different and included the Ninky Nonk. The first was a single tier round cake which featured Iggle piggle standing in front of the gazebo and the second was a take on this cake but all the decorations were placed on a Number 1 shaped cake.

I have loved creating all these cakes, and it had been so nice to see their faces or hear how much they enjoyed them at their parites. I’m sure that I will be creating more In the Night garden cakes in the future.