It’s been a while since I shared any cake recipes, so as summer is here I thought I would share my favourite lemon drizzle sponge cake recipe which has a zesty flavour, perfect for summer. In this tutorial I add a lemon drizzle / sugar syrup to the cake which is completely optional, but adds a little more of that lemon flavour into the sponge and I finish the cake off with a white chocolate ganache which is also flavoured with lemons.

Lemon cake recipe
Here are the ingredients you will need:

The ingredients you will need to make this 6 inch cake are:
13oz / 368g – Self Raising Flour
12oz/ 340g  – Butter
12oz/ 340g – Caster Sugar
4 eggs
2 lemons – Zest and Juice

I then bake my cake in 2x 6 inch round cake tins for around 55 minutes on the middle shelf of a normal oven at 180 degrees Celsius (which is 356 degrees Fahrenheit or gas mark 4). I tend to use my normal oven setting for cakes as I find if I use a fan oven it tends to bake the cakes quicker on the outside so you get this hard crusty shell and the mixture is not baked all the way through. So if you are using a fan oven you might want to reduce the temperature and cook for a little longer.

For the lemon drizzle / sugar syrup (optional):
1.76oz / 50g – Caster Sugar
Juice of 1/2 lemon
2tbsp – Water

For the ganache:
600g – White Chocolate
200ml – Double Cream
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Zest of 1 lemon


Lemon Sponge Cake recipe

Once baked this is a really moist fluffy sponge cake which is full of flavour, and one of my favourites!! If you don’t want to add more sugar to the recipe you can definitely make this without the lemon drizzle. For this cake I teamed it with a delicious white chocolate ganache which is also flavoured with lemons. By adding lemon juice to the ganache it does mean it sets a tiny bit softer than regular white chocolate ganache, but to combat this I added a little more white chocolate than I normally do.

I really hope you like this recipe and will enjoy making it yourselves. Below is a full video tutorial showing how I prepare the ingredients and bake the cake:

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Lemon drizzle Cake Recipe