Now if you follow me on Instagram (@CakesbyLynz) you may have seen a few weeks ago I got sent the new Tropical Vibes stamp set from Sweet Stamp. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to create a tropical themed cake for you all. One of my favourite animals is the toucan! I was lucky enough to see these beautiful birds in Costa Rica a few years ago and I have just loved them ever since, so I thought for this weeks video tutorial I would combine the two to show you how to make this tropical themed cake with painting tropical leaves and flowers and a 3D toucan on the top…

Toucan Tropical leaves cake tutorial

This cake was so much fun to make and was so vibrant. The cake itself was a 6 inch cake that measured 5 inches in height. One of my favourite parts of this cake was seeing how the leaves turned out on the main cake. The effect was created by embossing the leaves from the Tropical Vibes set into the soft fondant and painting these with a combination of greens and yellow gel colours mixed with some alcohol to create a paint. Now it did take a few hours to paint, but it was really worth it.

I also think this effect would look amazing if you are creating a tropical themed wedding cake and this was one of the tiers.

Painting tropical leaves tutorial

For the cake topper I again used the Tropical Vibes set to create these 3D leaves. Instead of embossing them into a cake, I embossed them into some gumpaste and cut them out, which gave me a great selection of shapes to add around my fondant toucan. The leaves and toucan was then placed against a background of pink and orange hibiscus flowers really making the colours pop! This was such a fun cake to make and in the video tutorial I go through each stage step by step.

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Toucan Cake topper tutorial

So whether you want to recreate the whole cake or take elements to add into your own tropical themed cake I hope you enjoy the tutorial and find it useful. Below is the full video tutorial.

I have put a list below showing all the tools that I used throughout this video or if you would like to see all my favourite cake decorating tools just click here:

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Sweetstamp – Tropical Vibes Set:
Sweetstamp – Blank Canvas Topper:
Sweetstamp – Blank Canvas Cutter:
Sweetstamp – Brush Set:
Sweetstamp – Pickup Pad Round:
Rolling Pin:
Turn Table:
Squires Flexi Smoothers:
Plastic Smoothers:
Renshaw Fondant (White):
Squires Petal Paste (Gumpaste):
PME Foam Pads:
Modelling tools:
Edible glue:
Sugarflair Petal Dusts (Lemon Yellow):
Sugarflair Petal Dusts (Foliage green):
Sugarflair Petal Dusts (Tangerine):
Sugarflair Petal Dusts (Apple green):
Wilton Food Gel (Kelly Green):
Wilton Food Gel (Leaf Green):
Colour Splash Food Gel (Leaf):
Sugarflair Food Gel (Foliage Green):
Sugarflair Food Gel (Daffodil):

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Tropical Toucan Cake Tutorial