So I know I have very much been in the Halloween theme recently, but I have one more Halloween inspired tutorial for this week. So if you don’t fancy making a pumkpin or monster cake this weeks video is a bit more of a simpler design based around a 6 inch sponge cake. The cake is candy / sweets themed and has amazing ‘Trick or Treat’ lettering on the front….

Trick or treat Halloween cake

Now all the sweets on this cake are made out of fondant, so I will show you how to make these giant candy corns, wrapped sweets and lollies for the back.

The text on the front was made from embossing 3 of the SweetStamp letter sets. Now if you have watched some of my videos before with lettering added you will know how much I love these letter embossers. The ‘Trick’ was made using the fun Urban Set. I used the Elegant set for the pretty ‘Treat’ script font and the ‘or’ in the center was created with one of my favourites which is the classic set. I love how by using all 3 sets together it gives each word is own style and really makes the text a focal point of the cake.

Trick or treat halloween cake

For the cake board I really wanted to make the board contrast the cake so I covered my board in a mixture of the emerald and twisted sista pixie pearls also by SweetStamp. I love how this turned out, they were stuck down onto a black covered board with edible glue and they add the perfect amount of colour and really bring out the Halloween theme.

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Trick or treat drip cake

The last thing I added to the cake before adding all the sweets is a black candy drip down one side. Now you can go all the way around if you would prefer but I didn’t want it to cover any of the text and just wanted to be able to stick some more of those coloured Pixie Pearls to the side. For the drip I used the Deco Melts from Fun Cakes. I think this brand of candy melts is perfect for a drip as it is the right consistency so you don’t have to add any additional oil as you do with some others. I think the drip really finished this cake off making it perfect for a fun Halloween celebration.

Below is the full video tutorial showing exactly how I made the whole cake. I really hope you will enjoy it and I hope you have a Happy Halloween!!

I have put a list below showing all the tools that I used throughout this video or if you would like to see all my favourite cake decorating tools just click here:

If you would like to check out the Sweet Stamps by Amy Cakes CLICK HERE
Modelling tools:
Edible glue:
Sweetstamp – Brush Duo:
Sweetstamp – Pixie Pearls Emerald:
Sweetstamp – Pixie Pearls Twisted Sista:
Sweetstamp – Urban Set:
Sweetstamp – Elegant Set:
Sweetstamp – Classic Set:
Sweetstamp – StickyPad:
Rolling Pin:
Turn Table:
Squires Flexi Smoothers:
Plastic Smoothers:
Renshaw Fondant – Dusky Lavender:
Black Food Gel:

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Trick or treat halloween cake