Firstly I am so sorry for the lack of video last week. I have been away on holiday, so I took a little break from uploading to relax and explore the amazing sites of New Orleans and Miami, (thank you to everyone who followed my adventures on my Instagram Stories)

But back to this week, I stepped off the plane a few hours ago, so I am fully refreshed and ready to get back to everything cake. I have been so excited to share this cake with you as this weeks video tutorial is a collaboration with Charity from The Lovely Baker. I’m sure you already have, but if you haven’t seen her amazing YouTube tutorials then make sure you head over to take a look. This week we have both created some Halloween inspired pumpkin cakes.

So on my channel you will find this fun cake below that looks like a carved pumpkin and over on The Lovely Baker channel you will find a drip style pumpkin revealing a scary Halloween face design. So whatever kind of pumpkin cake you want to make hopefully we have you covered…

Pumpkin Halloween cake

For my cake I wanted the pumpkin to look as realistic as possible and give the appearance that it’s sitting outside on a wooden deck, with some Autumn leaves blowing past. I was so happy when together with Charity we decided on a pumpkin theme, as nothing says Halloween more than pumpkins.

Now for this cake I created a template for the ‘BOO!’ wording across the front so it looked like it was actually carved. You will find a link to below to the template I used, but there are so many templates available online that you could add any design you like, whether it be a classic scary face, a spooky ghost or different wording of your choice.

You can download the template that I used for the pumpkin here!

To create the carved effect I added a piece of black fondant underneath my orange fondant so when I cutout the template it created a silhouette behind. I then added some white food gel with a hint of ivory around the inner edge of my orange fondant to look like the fleshy part of a pumpkin.

Halloween Pumpkin cake tutorial

For the cake itself I baked 2 half sphere cakes in a glass Pyrex bowl which gave me the shape of the pumpkin. You can see in the tutorial how I carved ridges around the cake from top to bottom to give it its distinctive pumpkin shape. The thing I loved most when creating this cake was seeing how it came to life once the coloured shading was added. I used edible tints in different shades of orange, teracotta, brown and yellow and by combining these and blending them together it really emphases the shape and textures that had been added.

Wood effect cake board

Within the tutorial you will also see step by step how I made this wood effect cake board. This is all handmade with no need for any texture mats, all you need is your fondant, a ruler, your dresden tool and some different shades of edible tints. I kept the colours quite light as I wanted it to give the effect of wood without being too dark under the pumpkin.

Below you’ll find the full video tutorial. I really hope you will enjoy watching it and find it useful if you are looking to make your own Pumpkin cake. Also don’t forget to head over and check out The Lovely Bakers pumpkin cake too!

I have also put a list below for some of tools that I used throughout this video:
Squires Kitchen Belissimo Flexi Smoothers:
Turn Table:
Modelling tools:
Edible glue:
Renshaw Fondant (Black):
Renshaw Fondant (White):
Drum Board (11 inches):
Oak leaf veiners:
Squires Petal Paste (Gumpaste):
Colour Splash (Brown):

Coloured Edible Tints Used:
Sugarflair Edible dusting tint (Brown):
Sugarflair Edible dusting tint (Chocolate):
Sugarflair Edible dusting tint (Cream):
Sugarflair Edible dusting tint (Black):
Sugarflair Edible dusting tint (Sunset orange):
Sugarflair Edible dusting tint (Tangerine):
Sugarflair Edible dusting tint (Egg yellow):
Sugarflair Edible dusting tint (Terracotta):
Sugarflair Edible dusting tint (Foliage Green):

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Halloween Pumpkin cake