Now I know last week there wasn’t a new video tutorial so I really wanted to create a fun cake for this week, and what’s more fun than a rainbow! I just love how colourful they are, whether you’re using bright colours or pastel shades, and they make the perfect theme for a children’s party. So for this weeks tutorial I am going to show you how I made this 3D cloud cake with this bright rainbow on the top…

3D rainbow cake

I love how this cake turned out. You may have seen in my Twinkle Twinkle little star cake that I made small fondant 3D clouds, well this is the same technique but on a much larger scale, and using cake instead of fondant. I started with a rectangular cake and added balls of cake (cake crumbs mixed with buttercream to create a dough like mixture) and by pilling them together when the fondant was added over the top you get this fluffy cloud effect. The greatest part is that every cloud is different so you can’t really go wrong.

Just beware for the balls, you will need quite alot of cake, so I used all my offcuts from cutting and levelling and also a 6 inch round cake which was 2 inches in height.

Rainbow Cake tutorial

On top of the cloud I added this 3D rainbow which was made by cutting a hole in a 6 inch sponge cake and cutting this in half. This gave me the perfect shape for my rainbow. Now you can go larger if you would prefer but by using the 6 inch cake it meant I didn’t need any extra supports to hold it up.

One of the trickiest parts of this cake is covering the board, the cloud gives quite an odd shape to cover, but by using parchment paper I was able to slide this underneath and create a template so the fondant would just slot into place. I think this technique worked so well and meant I could make the board look like the cloud was in the sky.

I really hope you like the rainbow cake and will enjoy making your own version. To watch exactly how I made it just play the video below:

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3D Rainbow in the clouds Cake tutorial