For this weeks video tutorial I really wanted to create a fun cake topper which can be used on any type of cake, whether its a birthday cake, wedding cake or just a cake for fun, so I decided upon this pretty dream catcher with beautiful feathers falling down your cake.

This cake topper would work on the top of your cake, or if you have a tiered cake you could have it on the ledge of your tiers with the feathers draping down the cake. I love the idea of dream catchers which traditionally were used to trap nightmares and let good dreams through, so I think these work great for a cake…

Dreamcatcher cake tutorial

I absolutely love this cake and think it looks so pretty in the pastel pinks, blues and lilacs. I then finished the topper with a mini rose and some little flower buds. For most of this cake topper I used gumpaste / floral paste as I needed something that would set hard. Firstly for the inside of the dream catcher, with its floral pattern, the gumpaste worked perfectly as once dry it holds its shape. It also allowed me to add movement to the feathers which really brought them to life.

You can download the template that I used for the inside of the dream catcher and feathers here!

Dreamcatcher cake tutorial

My favourite part about this cake topper is definitely the feathers. They were so easy to make and by adding the different shades of colour it created depth. I think these would also look great in white with a dusting of grey if you need them to look more realistic.

Dreamcatcher cake

The cake topper was then finished off with a mini rose and some flower buds. If you would like to see the full videos on how to make these visit my tutorials page.

Below is the full video tutorial showing exactly how I made the cake topper. I really hope you will enjoy it and find it useful if you are looking to make your own dream catcher!

I have also put a link below to a list of tools that I used throughout this video:
Squires Petal Paste (Gumpaste):
PME Foam Pads:
Modelling tools:
Edible glue:
PME Veining Board:
PME Flower Pic:
Sugarflair Gold Dusts:
Rejuvenator Spirit:


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Dreamcatcher cake