As a cake decorator do you ever have a cake in your head that you just can’t wait to make? For me it’s been this birthday bear cake! For ages I have been wanting to create this cake and share with you how I made it. So here it is a step by step video showing exactly how I made him. If anyone if thinking of having a go at this cake, this is a relatively easy cake to make as there are not many elements to add. The main thing is getting the ganache as smooth as possible before the icing / fondant gets added.

Birthday Bear Cake Tutorial
The cake itself is made from 3 layers of sponge cake, measuring around 1.5 inches in height each, with a domed sponge cake added on top. Now for the domed cake you can bake this in a half sphere tin, but if you don’t have one you could just use a glass Pyrex bowl from the kitchen. I used a small bowl and the cake fitted on top perfectly. This was then filled and covered in a nice layer of milk chocolate ganache (which is my favourite!!). To see how I made my ganache click here.

Birthday Bear Cake tutorial

As you can see from the photo above the cake is quite large and measured 8 inches in height, with an extra 4 inches for his party hat. Because of the height of this cake I decided to add a cake board and dowels into the cake to take the weight of the top 2 layers. Now this cake wasn’t that heavy so I just added 4 PME easy cut dowels. My advice with choosing the right dowels for your cake its to really think about the weight that will be added on top of them. If this was a 4 tier wedding cake I might consider something a little more solid to take the weight. You only need your cake layer to be wonky by a few degrees and the weight might shift to just one dowel and you wouldn’t want that dowel to buckle with the weight. So my advice is to always choose your dowels wisely!!

Ok back to the cake in question. I love this little bear and think he would be a great center peice if you are looking for an idea for a child’s birthday party. I mean what is more fun than a bear in a party hat!

I really hope you like this cake and below you will find the full step by step video tutorial.

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I have also put a link below to some of the tools I used throughout this video:
Modelling tools:
Edible glue:
Rolling Pin:
Turn Table:
Sugarflair dusky pink tint:
Squires Flexi Smoothers:
Metal Scrapper Tool:
Plastic Smoothers:
Rehshaw teddy bear brown fondant:
Rehshaw dark brown fondant:
Rehshaw black fondant:
PME easy cut dowels:

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Childrens Party Birthday bear cake tutorial