I have been so excited about making this cake since I received my box of goodies from Amy Cakes. You can’t look through images on Instagram without seeing cakes using the different styles of Sweet Stamps. So for this weeks tutorial I really wanted to create a cake that not only showed you how to use the letters, but also combine them in a fun cake design. So I decided to create a twinkle twinkle little star themed cake, as this allowed me to use so many letters on the front to really give you an idea of how they would look.

So in this video I show you from beginning to end how I made this cake, including making the 3D moon, the cute 3D clouds, all the stars, airbrushing the cake and adding the lettering to the front and also onto the board.

Twinkle Twinkle little star Cake
I really love how this cake turned out and think it would be perfect if you are looking to create maybe a cake for a baby shower, a christening or a child’s birthday. You can even just use different elements I created to add onto different themed cakes. Like the 3D clouds would be perfect to add to so many themes.

The lettering can also be changed to say any message, name or age you would like. In the past when I needed to add lettering onto cakes I either had to hand paint it on, or use letter cutters. Now don’t get me wrong letter cutters are fantastic, but if you are anything like me there are always those little letters which just won’t push out, or break just when you are about to add them to your cake. So being able to use the sweet stamps was so great as you emboss the letters onto the cake or board and just fill them in. Ok I say just, it does take a little bit of time to paint and you need a really steady hand, but with practice it does get alot easier and the thing that I love the most is the choice of fonts available. I used the handwritten upper and lowercase sets and the full cookie set, but they are all so modern and I really loved the handwritten set as it has a real calligraphy style to it, which is so popular throughout design at the moment.

If you would like to check out the Sweet Stamps by Amy Cakes CLICK HERE

Amy Cakes sweet stamps

So if you would like to see me explaing the process of using the stamps or creating any of the other elements take a look at my full video tutorial below:

I really loved creating this cake and watching it come to life whilst adding all the different elements. One of my favourite parts was adding the different tones of blue with the airbrush and adding the final little clusters of white stars as I think this made it look like a night sky. I really hope you enjoy the video and if you haven’t already you can subscribe to my YouTube channel for more cake related video tutorials. Also I would love to hear what you think, if you have any comments or questions please just let me know.

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twinkle cake