So the weather is slowly getting a few degrees cooler and the nights are starting to draw in, so I really wanted to create a bright, fun tutorial for this weeks video. When looking through the videos I have created recently I realised I hadn’t created any flower cupcakes for a while, and you all know how much I love piping pretty flowers… So here is a video showing how to pipe these pretty sunflower cupcakes.

sunflower cupcake

I love how these sunflower cupcakes look, they make such a bold statement, either on their own, put in boxes to give as gifts or possibly as part of a cupcake bouquet, mixed with other flower designs. The cupcakes are quite simple to make and are created by using 3 different piping tips, the #366 which is a large leaf piping tip. The #24 (or Wilton #16) which is a tiny star tip, and lastly the #3 piping tip with a small circle end. I have put links below to where you can find them all.

Below is a list of the tools I used to make these cupcakes that you might find useful:
Wilton #366 Leaf piping tip:
Wilton #16 Star end piping tip & #3:
Wilton #3 Round end piping tip:
Piping bags I use:

sunflower cupcakes

To create the sunflowers I used a combination of vanilla buttercream which I coloured in a bright yellow and also a chocolate buttercream which I added a tiny amount of dark brown colour gel to, to make it slightly darker for the center. I then created 2 rows of yellow petals around the edge and filled the center with an inner border of tiny buttercream tubes. I then filled the remaining center with the little star tips to make it look like the center of the sunflower.

In the video tutorial it shows step by step how to prepare and pipe the sunflower. I really hope you enjoy this video tutorial and find it useful if you are looking to create your own sunflower cupcakes.

Also don’t for get to take a look at my tutorials page which features some other flower themed cupcakes, along with the recipe for both the vanilla buttercream and the chocolate cupcake that I used in this video!

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How to pipe Sunflower cupcakes