When I was first thinking about what I could make for this weeks video tutorial I really wanted to create something pretty and delicate, so I thought I would show you how I made these pretty, pastel pink, ballet slipper cake toppers. I think that a ballerina theme cake is so pretty for a small child. Personally the ballet theme transports me back to my childhood, learning all the dance steps in my ballet class. These ballet shoes are relatively easy to make and consist of only 3 main pieces with a little bit of additional detail to add the trim and ribbons.

Gumpaste Ballet Slippers tutorial

The ballet slippers are 4.5 inches in length and fit perfectly onto the top of my 6 inch round cake with thin gumpaste ribbons falling down the side. One of my favourite parts of the slippers is actually the back. If you are having the slippers standing on the cake as I have, I think its really lovely to make the ballet slippers look pretty from all angles, so I set about trying to make the back as realistic as possible.

Gumpaste Ballet Slippers tutorial

Gumpaste Ballet Slippers tutorial

As you will see in the video tutorial, using my curved modelling tool I pushed indents into the top section of the underside of the sole, to resemble the ruched leather on the bottom of the toe. One the real slippers this material is pulled in and covered with a lighter piece of leather in the center allowing for grip on the dance floor. I was really pleased with how this turned out and think it really brought the shoes to life from all angles.

In order to create the shoes I used 3 different templates to form the sole, bottom and top of the shoe. I originally found a great template which had been shared onto a cakescentral forum and modified the shape and size slightly to allow me to create the shoe I was looking for. I then created an additional template for the bottom part of the shoe.


It can then be made larger or smaller depending on the size of the cake you are adding them too.

I really hope you enjoy this video tutorial and find it helpful if you are looking to make your own ballet slippers, to add onto your own cakes.

I have also put a link below to the rest of the tools I used throughout this video:
Renshaw modelling paste (Gumpaste): http://amzn.to/2Gj7E1Y
Sugarflair Petal Dusts (Apple Green): http://amzn.to/2D72sQI
Modelling tools: http://amzn.to/2iU4CuQ
Edible glue: http://amzn.to/2iYkZXm
Rolling Pin: http://amzn.to/2lkPtA1

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Gumpaste Ballet slippers tutorial