This time of year I’m often wondering how to decorate my Christmas cakes, so I thought I would create a video tutorial showing you how to make some cute, fun Christmas penguins to add to the top of your own cakes. In the video I show you how to make 2 different penguins, one with a Christmas hat and one with some pink fluffy ear muffs. Both penguins are surrounded by snow and throwing snow balls which I think is such a fun idea.

Penguin cake toppers

I really loved making these characters and hope you will enjoy the video. When making the penguins I actually used the Renshaw modelling paste for their bodies rather than just black icing. The reason for this is that I always find black icing / fondant to be quite soft, and as it takes a while to dry the characters can sink slightly making them more round than the original egg shape. The Reshaw modelling paste worked great, as it has a more solid structure, and stayed pliable whilst I was working, but dried quite quickly.

My other favourite thing from creating these cake toppers was the snowballs. I loved how they looked with the crystallised clear sugar sprinkles. The ones I used in the video were from Sugarstar, but granulated sugar would work just as well. It just made them look that little bit different from the icing that was used around the trim of the penguins hat and really made them shimmer like real snow.

penguin cake topper

In the video I didn’t have a cake on hand so I decorated a 6 inch drum board with a winter scene, but the same effect can be applied to the top of a cake, or you could even make smaller version for cupcakes. I really loved making these little penguins and I hope you will enjoy the tutorial and find it useful…

Below is a list of the tools I used to make the penguins that you might find useful:
Modelling tools:
Edible glue:
Renshaw modelling paste:
Sugar Sprinkles: (Similar to the ones I used!)
Dusky pink petal dust:
Drum Boards:

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