Wow! what a milestone to hit yesterday. I am so excited and can’t actually quite believe that the Cakes by Lynz YouTube Channel has reached over 20,000 subscribers. I just want to thank everyone so much for watching the video tutorials that I have made and I really hope that you enjoy them and there is something that you can take away with you to add to your own cake making experience.

When I first started making cakes, I watched so many YouTube videos to find out ways to do things and pick up little tips, and the videos really helped me. A few years ago I was thinking about all the videos I had watched, and I really wanted to give something back and add to those. Showing all the little things I had learnt along the way and different techniques I used. Its really lovely to get everyone’s positive feedback, (ok sometimes there is a little bit of negative too!) but I am so glad that people seem to enjoy them.

I really would love to know if there are any types of videos that you would like to see, currently there are cupcake videos, basic technique videos, sugar flower videos and modelling videos.

Thank you so much to everyone for helping me reach this amazing milestone and I really hope that you continue to enjoy the video tutorials that I make. Oh and yes if any of you are wondering, I did sit there clicking refresh a few hundred times to get the image above exactly on 20,000! (lol)