In April 2012 I created my first In the Night garden cake for a little boy called Danny, I had no idea that this would turn out to be my most popular cake. Since then I have created 6 others in exactly the same design and 2 which feature the Ninky Nonk. I have been wanting to put all the pictures together for ages to show you all them together…

I think the think that I am most proud of with all these cakes is how similar they actually are, everytime I make one I want to perfect tiny bits, but without changing the design that the people have asked for. I have loved creating every single one and I think I could probably make one with my eyes closed now (please don’t test me!). One of the ones I really loved was Amelia’s version where I made the red flower balls in pink to make it slightly more girly. Looking at all these pictures I can only imagine how many tiny flowers I have cut out to make over 80 flower balls.

Recently as well as the 2 tier version I have actually created 2 In the Night garden cakes which were slightly different and included the Ninky Nonk. The first was a single tier round cake which featured Iggle piggle standing in front of the gazebo and the second was a take on this cake but all the decorations were placed on a Number 1 shaped cake.

I have loved creating all these cakes, and it had been so nice to see their faces or hear how much they enjoyed them at their parites. I’m sure that I will be creating more In the Night garden cakes in the future.