A while ago I created a bob the builder cake for a little boy called Felix. Last year I made his 2nd birthday cake which was an In the Night Garden cake, so it was so nice to create something for his 3rd birthday. For this years cake his mum told me he was into Bob the Builder and loved the Scoop the yellow tractor. We came up with a design that incorporated his favourite characters and also the theme of Bob and Scoop working on construction on the cake…

The cake itself was a 10inch vanilla sponge cake with chocolate buttercream. The characters and decoration is all edible, the cat, bricks and tools are all modeled out of icing/fondant, and the 2 main characters were modelled out of 50/50 – icing/gumpaste although I did need the help of some sticks to hold the characters up.

I have to admit that my favourite part of this cake is the brick walls that are being constructed around the cake with the cement in the middle. They just really made the cake and the characters come to life and really gave a real feel for the cartoon. On the top behind Bob the builder was an array of tools, including his saw, screw drivers, nails and bits of wood which were quite fiddly to make, especially the miniature nails, but it meant that there was something to look at on this cake from all directions.

I really hope Felix liked the cake as much as I enjoyed making it for him.