Before Christmas I first met with a lovely couple, Romana & Nadia. They had great ideas about creating a vintage dessert table at their wedding which was this Saturday just gone at the Dickens Inn, London, which overlooked the yachts in St Katherine’s Dock. Each time I met with them they had been collecting vintage cups and saucers, cake stands, beautiful vintage plates, crates and sweetie jars all with the idea of creating a very vintage dessert table. This Saturday I had the pleasure of setting this table up for them, which was to include the 3 wedding cakes and the pink and white cake pops I had made for them.

I really loved how the table looked once everything had been laid out, with the different levels of cakes and sweets all surrounded by beautiful vintage items. The 3 cakes that I created, all had a ruffles theme. The first cake was the center 2 tier vanilla cake. The cake was an 8 inch cake on the bottom and 6 inch cake on the top. Once stacked buttercream ruffles were piped all around the cake to give a really vintage feel. The 3 roses on the cake were all handmade from gumpaste, and the cake was finished off with icing pearls covered in lustre dust.

The second cake was very similar to the first cake, although it was only a single tier lemon cake, decorated in lemon buttercream ruffles. When the cake is cut into it will reveal a 3 layer pink cake. The bunting on top was supplied to me by the couple.

On the other side of the main ruffle cake was a ruffle cake with a slight difference. Instead of buttercream ruffles the ruffles were all icing. The colours on the outside matched the colours of the cake on the inside. This was finished off with some handmade bunting on the top. The small triangles were made out of gumpaste and were embossed with small letters spelling out ‘Just Married’ which I think worked really well on this table.

The last things that I made for Romana and Nadia were pink and white cake pops. The cake pops were chocolate flavour and had a selection of different designs including sugar sparkles, glitter, pink and white dots and white stripes. I think my favourites had to be the small pink balls, as they looked great against the white chocolate.

Along with the cakes and cake pops that I created they had sweets, macaroons and cupcakes looked great laid out on the vintage cake stands and sweetie jars. Thes items were not made by me, but sourced by the couple from various places. I think the table was finished off beautifully with a lovely metal birdcage which was filled with beautiful green and ivory roses and hydrangeas which matched the amazing flowers decorating each table. The flowers were created by Jay Ravi from Flower Power.

I really hope that Romana and Nadia had a fantastic wedding and it really was a pleasure creating their cakes for them and seeing their ideas they had talked about become reality.