A lady got in touch with me for a cake, but unfortunately she lived too far away in Cornwall so she asked if I could create just the cake topper to go on top of a cake which she could make herself. When she said that she wanted a Postman Pat and Jess cake topper I was very excited to take on this challenge. Postman Pat is very iconic and I knew that I had to get this exactly right else if wouldn’t look like him.

I really enjoyed creating these characters and hope that I did them justice. The models are made out of gumpaste which sets completely solid. I thought this was the safest option considering they were being sent by post. They both have a dowel through them to allow the lady to push this into the cake she makes and secure them. Along with the characters I also made 3 parcels and the boys name also out of gumpaste which can be seen in the photo below.

The hardest part I think was packaging these up to send. I placed the Postman Pat and Jess onto a piece of polystyrene and placed cocktail sticks around then to stop them moving from side to side. I then covered them in tissue paper and lightly wrapped some string to stop then moving upwards. Then came the bubble wrap. I really hope the little boy likes them.

If you would like to order a Postman Pat topper for your own cake then they cost £35 for the 2 figures plus P&P. Please contact me with any enquiries.