I had a couple coming round to talk about having a ruffle wedding cake so I made these cupcakes as a tester. I have to admit I loved making these cupcakes. The colours all went really well together and they were just so sweet with the added edible balls.

One of my favourite things about these cupcakes are the swirls. This was done with a nozzle which has a flat edged star and it gives this great ruffle effect. The ruffle detail which is made out of icing / fondant is made up of 4 layers of circles cut and ruffled at the edges with a ball tool.

One thing that I did with these cupcakes was add food gel to each cupcake in the corresponding colour to the buttercream. This meant as they took a bite the cupcake was the same colour (in case you were wondering why the cupcake on with the blue buttercream looks like a strange colour).