A few months ago a good friend of mine asked me to create a cake for her boyfriends 30th birthday. She wanted a movie themed cake that showed different photos from his childhood right up until now. The cake that she wanted was to have movie reels stacked ontop of each other with a bucket of popcorn…

The whole cake was made up of 3 single cakes. The movie reels were 2x 8 inch chocolate sponge cakes which were stacked between thin boards covered in icing and dusted with lustre dust to give the metal appearance. These were then wrapped in photos that I had gotten printed on edible rice paper, this gave a really great look to the cake and really brought it to life.

I then added a carved cake in the shape of a bucket of popcorn to the top of the reels. My advice to anyone trying to create a bucket shape would be to use chocolate ganache instead of buttercream. I used buttercream but it would have been a lot easier with ganache as it sets slightly harder, making it easier to cover. This is because the top of the bucket is a lot wider that the bottom which makes it top heavy and it becomes very unstable, but I think it looked good once I added the icing/fondant popcorn pieces to look like they were spilling out. The whole cake was finished off with a gumpaste clapper board.

I’m really happy to say that my friend and her boyfriend were really pleased with the cake which I am really glad about.