I was so excited when I was asked to create an IHop Pancake cake, it was for the same person that ordered the Phantom of the Opera cake a little while ago so it was great to have him come back for another order. It was such an unusual cake to be asked to do and was so much fun …

The cake itself was a 6inch chocolate cake, 3 levels high, with an overall height of roughly 4 inches to start. The cake was created by placing flattened snakes of icing around the outside of the cake. As each piece was placed on I used colouring to highlight on the difference in colour to give it a realistic look. This went all the way to the top until a large piece of icing was placed to look like the final pancake. This was then coloured ontop and 2 pieces of yellow icing / fondant were added to look like butter.

To create the syrup I used piping gel coloured with ivory food paste gel. I have to admit that in England piping gel isn’t the easiest thing to get hold of, but it was well worth the effort as it really finished the cake off.

The blueberry’s and strawberry around the edges are all made from icing / fondant. To finish the cake off instead of using a cake board I placed the cake on a square plate to make it look more realistic. I then cut out the IHop logo and stuck this to the plate. The man was really please when he picked it up and I was so happy with how it turned out.