As Olympic fever has hit England I was thrilled to be asked to create 75 Olympic themed cupcakes for the company my Dad works for which is just down the road from the Olympic park…

There were 5 different variations of design, The Olympic rings, the torch, the Team GB logo, The London 2012 logo and the medals in gold, silver and bronze. The cupcakes were vanilla and chocolate with buttercream swirls. All the decorations were made out of icing / fondant and were completely edible.

My favourite design out all all 5 were the medals, I had so much fun making these. I first made a model of one of the medals from polymer clay. I then baked it in the oven until it went solid and used this to create a mould from moulding putty. This then allowed me to make exact replicas of my model from the correct colour icing and cover them in corresponding lustre dust to give them a metallic finish.

There are more images of these cupcakes in my cupcake gallery.