I was asked recently to create a number 50 birthday cake fora special birthday gift. I have to admit I didn’t think it would be any harder than many of the other cakes I have made, but those numbers are tricky. But here was the final cake…

The hardest part of creating this cake was covering them in icing/fondant, there were so many tight bends, especially on the number 5. Due to the hight of the cakes there was not enough icing/fondant to stretch over. However I tried to place the icing on it seemed impossible to cover the whole cake in one go. The best way I found was to cover the bends first, then cover the whole cake and try and blend the edges.

Once the cakes were covered in the peach colour icing/fondant I created 3 large roses from gumpaste. I then used a 5 petal cutter and veiner to create the smaller flowers. Once the flowers and the butterflies were put in place on the cake I really liked how it looked.

The peach and pink went so nicely together, it looked so pretty and feminine. I really hope it was liked at the party. There are more images of this cake in my cake gallery, so check them out.