Back in February I was asked to create an Eeyore cake for a girls 21st birthday. I loved making this cake, it had so much detail around the edge that it looked so pretty. I think this is probably one of my favourite cakes so far…

The cake itself was a 7 inch vanilla sponge cake. This was covered in green icing / fondant to look like grass with a fence around 3 quarters of the base.

Across the front I placed bunting which was being held up by a butterfly. To add the little letters I used small biscuit alphabet stamps. Because there was so much detail around the side of the cake I wanted to keep the top quite simple with just the model of Eeyore and some bunting. This bunting turned out great. It was made with 2 wooden dowel with a strip of wire wound around the top of each end. The butting was made out of gumpaste so that it held its shape, and I finished it off with 2 ribbon bows on each side.

Even though it was a birthday cake I wanted to make Eeyore look sad like he does in the books. I really love the image above of him with his balloon, the balloon is made out of gumpaste attached to a thin wire. There are more photos of this cake, including a close up of the detail around the side in my cake gallery, so check them out.