I was asked by a friend of mine to create a cake for her Dad’s 65th birthday. He had worked as a builder his whole life so we decided that a tool box cake would be the perfect cake for him. I really wanted to create a cake that had an open lid and had the tools spilling out onto the board…

The cake itself was a 6 x 10 inch rectangle chocolate cake, 3 layers high. The open box was created by using a polystyrene rectangle. I have to admit that was fun trying to cut that up. I brought a 10 inch square dummy cake and started cutting it with a saw. By the time I had finished there was polystyrene everywhere, if there is an easy way to cut it I didn’t figure it out.

Once I had the correct shape I covered the lid in the same red icing / fondant which was on the main cake. The secure it to the cake I put a layer of edible glue on the back of the cake and pushed 2 dowels into the cake with 1 inch slicking out. I then placed the lid onto the glue and rested it on the dowels.

My favourite part of the cake was the tape measure. I got the label and the measuring tape printed onto edible paper and this really made a great feature at the front of the cake and added some great realism. There are more pictures in my cake gallery, so check them out.