February 17th is my Mum and Dads wedding anniversary, I wanted to create something a bit different to just a bunch of flowers, and I have been wanting to try out a cupcake bouquet for ages…

The bouquet was made up of 7 large cupcakes and 10 small mini cupcakes, in raspberry and banana flavour. To ice them I used I used 2 different shades of pink buttercream the Wilton 2D rose tip, which gives a fantastic effect. To put the bouquet together I brought a small flower pop and a polystyrene egg which I placed top down inside the flower pot. Then using 3 cocktail sticks per cupcake I started to arrange them. To add the finishing touches to the bouquet I cut out some fondant rose leaves and some daisies and placed theses in the gaps to close the spaces.

To hide the flower pot I cut some clear plastic and tissue paper and wrapped this around the pot with a bow to look like flowers from the florist. I must admit the hardest part of this was wrapping the plastic and tissue paper around without squashing the cupcakes. It definitely takes practice.

The second hardest part was trying to work out how to transport it to my Mum and Dads house without it falling over. the solution was to get an 11 inch cake box and push the lid inside the box. Then cut a circle out of the lid large enough to fit the pot into. I then placed the pot into the box and it worked fantastically to transport it without it falling over in the car.