One of the ladies who brought one of my Christmas gingerbread houses asked me to create a giant cookie for her grandsons birthday with his name on it. What I decided to create was a giant slab of gingerbread and a smaller single cookie themed around Spiderman. The large slab was 25cm x 10cm and I covered this in icing / fondant. For the single cookie I used an egg shaped cutter to create Sidermans head.

When it came to wrapping up the cookies I made a large bag out of cellophane and slid the large cookie to the bottom with a cardboard backing. I then put the single cookie into a single cellophane bag, slide this inside and tied them both together with a bow. When the bag was lifted up it looked like the single cookie was floating above the slab. I really love how it looked all packaged up and I really hope the little boy liked eating it.