One year ago I made the first F1 birthday cake for my Fianc√©’s birthday so this year I had to try and come up with something equally as good as it was his 30th. After asking him what he wanted he said he had always wanted a dinosaur cake. Yes you did read right he was 30, and I will be the first to admit I went a little cartoony on the cake, so the cake would probably suit a 3 year old better!

Before I started I got some great inspiration from all the great images on flickr, especially Andrea’s SweetCakes who’s cakes are just amazing and all credit goes to her for the design of the volcano. The top layer was a rich chocolate cake which I created by baking a cake in a small pyrex bowl and extra cake in a small square cake tin which I carved to add the detail to the volcano. I coved the volcano in chocolate icing, I have to admit this saved so much time as it was already the right shade of brown and tasted great when we ate the cake. The bottom layer was a 7 inch Lemon cake covered in fondant. The 2 dinosaurs were made from gumpaste, my favourite was definitely the dinosaur on top of the volcano.

Alex loved the cake but he was a bit embarrassed to show people the cake he had for his 30th birthday.