Recently it was my Nans birthday and she really wanted a cake to take to coffee morning with her friends. I wanted to make something really nice for her, and knowing her love of knitting I came up with a cake with balls of wool and knitting needles.

I really loved making this cake. Everything is edible apart from the knitting needles that are made form wooden skewers painted silver with a piece of icing on the ends. The balls of wool are made from crumbled up cake. To do this I made a separate 6 inch cake and crumbled this into a bowl. I then added some buttercream and formed 3 balls. I put these in the fridge for a few hours to go a bit harder so I could cover them in icing. To make the balls look like balls of wool I found a great tip on the For each ball you cut out a triangle like shape with flat edges and using a flat roller I marked out lines. You then place one of these at each end and then using an extruder gun make lots of thin pieces of icing in the same colour. You place these in 2 diagonal rows over the top of the ball to create the look of wool. I must admit it looked really effective and my nan loved it.

One tip I will give you is if you have to push alot of icing trough your extruder gun if you wet the icing first and then try it glides through, although your hands get very sticky.