This was an order I had been waiting to do for ages… I was asked to make a Glastonbury themed cake by a lady for her boyfriends 30th birthday. They had previously visited Glastonbury and the cake had to had certain aspects that reminded them of it. These were the Pyramid stage, the 2 of them sitting watching, a port a loo, cows and mud. I was a little worried before I started weather it would all go together, but I was really happy as I placed all the pieces together. So here is the cake…

The Pyramid stage was the trickiest part of this cake, it was so fiddly. I first made a cardboard template of the stage and all its pieces, and then these were cut out of gumpaste. Getting the pyramid to keep its shape whilst it dried was definitely the tricky part. Once I had added a row of lights at the top suspended from a piece of wire and painted it it was well worth the time it took.

The characters were also made out of gumpaste and these sat in a big puddle of melted chocolate. Whilst the chocolate was setting I used the back of a spoon to add texture and to add it to their wellies to make it look more realistic. The port a loo with is piece of toilet paper was made out of icing, as was my favourite part of the cake, the two cows grazing at the bottom.

I heard back from the lady a few days later and she said her boyfriend loved the cake and wouldn’t let anyone eat it for days because he wanted to keep it. I am really glad. There are a few more images of this cake in my gallery so check those out.