This Christmas I decided to create cupcakes that looked like baubles when they were in their boxes. I had seem images of them before on flickr and I have been wanted to try them out for ages, they looked really effective when they are put in the boxes.

The technique that I used to create these was to create a dome like shape with buttercream on top of the cupcake. With a cookie cutter I then cut out a piece of icing and placed this over the top. I added lustre dust in either pearl or blue just to make them sparkle. I previously made a tutorial which can be found here showing the method that I used. The silver part of the ornament is fully edible. I created this by rolling out a ball of icing / fondant and flattening it down on either side. I then used a 5 petal flower cutter to cut out a flat piece of icing and glued this to the top to create the frilly pattern. The get the silver colour I mixed some alcohol with some silver lustre dust and painted it on. I did try using some silver edible paint but it was so messy and seemed to dry on the paint brush before I even had time to paint it on. The only thing that was really tricky was the hook on the top, it was really fiddly and very fragile in the boxes.

There are more images of these cupcakes in my gallery, so please take a look.