Christmas is definitely here, I have been baking so much this month, and I have some great cakes and cookies to show you. First here is my Christmas gingerbread house. It was so much fun creating these 2 demo houses so people could see what they would look like. I had such great feedback from people about these little houses and I have loads to make. They are 6inches x 6 inches and totally edible. The house structure is made with your typical gingerbread and they are covered with Royal icing and icing / fondant decorations.

Above is my favourite images of these little houses. I love the way that the christmas lights look on the front of the house and the chimney sticking out through the snow. For the christmas tree I rolled out a piece of green icing into a cone shape and then using a pair of scissors chopped into it to create the branches. I think this really worked and gave a great effect.

Once the houses were finished I put them in clear 6inch plastic boxes (I must say that was probably the hardest part of the whole thing. trying to lower the house into the box without it breaking!!), tied a bow around the top and added a gift tag.

There are more images of these houses in my cookies gallery, so please take a look.