What a week this has been, 4 cakes in just over a week. I ended the week with 2 cakes for the same customer, the ladies daughter (a photographer) and her grandson (a Chelsea supporter) were celebrating their birthdays on the same day. After doing the West ham shirt at the begining of the week I was really looking forward to making the chelsea shirt. It was a little more complicated with the striped design and the blue side panels, but I hope I managed to convey the shirt in a realistic way. The cake was a 12 inch vanilla square carved with a template that I had made and placed on a 15 x 15 inch board.

Next was the camera cake, this wasn’t the first time I have made 2 cakes for the same day, I made the orchid and bow cakes last year but it doesn’t get any less daunting. The camera cake was a replica of a cake that I had made last November. I was really looking forward to this cake as I was able to add all the changes I wish I had once I finished the last cake. The main difference was that I brought black icing / fondant that was already coloured. This made covering the cake 100% easier as you can never get home died icing completely black and the more food colouring you add the harder it is to work with. I also used edible rice paper that had been printed with the images, so everything on this cake was completely edible.

I was so pleased to hear back from the lady to say that everyone loved the cakes. I have put loads more images of both these cakes in my cake gallery, so please take a look.