As I write this my birthday has just come to an end. I have had a really great day but I wanted to share with you the cake I made myself. I wanted to create a ruffle cake and I was inspired by the pink layered cake I has seen by Maggie Austin. I have to admit my cake is a very loose representation of her cake and I have put the ruffles the other way around as this was my first attempt and that seemed the easiest option at the time. So here it is….

The cake itself was a 6inch round cake with 4 vanilla sponge layers. The layers were coloured using gel food colouring to match the colours I put around the edge of the cake. I have to admit it went down well as I cut into it and pulled out the first slice. I have to say the photo does not do justice to just how bright the bottom layer was. The rose on top was modelled out of gumpaste. Once the flower was dried I used some darker pink lustre dust to put another shade of pink on the edges of the petals to make it stand out from the pink on top of the cake. I hope you like it, if you have any tips or hints regarding ruffles please let me know, they would be much appreciated.