Apr 26, 2011

Bird House Cupcakes

Last night I had my family over for dinner so it was time to make some tasty cupcakes for desert. We have been having such nice weather at the moment and I have spent the last few days pottering around in my garden so I felt it only fitting to create some flower cupcakes with small replica bird houses like the ones I have attached to my fence. These seemed to go down very well so here is a little picture of the finished cakes. I have put more images of these cakes in my cupcake gallery so take a look.

From looking around other people blogs I often wonder what shape tips they use to create their great buttercream swirls. As I started to pipe my cupcakes I decided to share this information with you. This is a different tip to the one I usually use so it will also help me remember next time and stop me staring at my tip box for 10 minutes trying to remember which one I had picked last time. The tip below is no exact make, it came in a set of 6 that I brought from Lakeland. It has a large open star and created a large smooth swirl.


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  • LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! I’m planning a baby shower and the theme is birdhouses. Where can I find the mini birds and birdhouses you have on there? Or did you make them? Thank you so much, they are beautiful inspiration. If you made them, I would love to find out where you do business and if I could order them.

    • Hi Michelle, Thank you so much for your message. I actually made the birds and the bird houses and the flowers out of icing / fondant, so these were all completely edible. I am based in Dartford, England.

      • They are beautiful. I wish I wasn’t half-way across the world so I could pay you to make them for me :( Maybe I’ll take a class to try and make them myself? Thanks again

  • is this the set you got from lakeland?


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