Feb 10, 2011

F1 Car Birthday Cake

Over the past 8 months Alex has watched me create cakes for everyone in our family, and with every cake trying to better the previous. Now its his birthday, so I have been planning this cake for a long time. I really wanted to create a McClaren F1 car. Only problem was I had absolutely no idea how to create it, so armed with pictures of the real car and a lot of enthusiasm I set about creating it.

So here’s how I did it…3 days before his birthday I started to create the tyres out of Rice Cripsie squares covered in blank fondant. The cake itself is made from 3 8inch square cakes carved into the initial shape and covered in grey icing/fondant. I then painted on lustre dust to make the whole car shiny. The front and rear spoilers are made from gumpaste and were a mission to attach. If I were ever to make a similar cake to this again I definitely learnt a few things through trial and error. All the logos covering the cake are hand painted. I have to say that when I finally finished attaching the rear spoiler at 2am on the morning of his birthday I definitely was pleased with how it looked, and more than that though I was quite surprised that I had actually pulled it off. I have put more images of this cake from different angles in my cake gallery so take a look.


  • Hi, the cake looks amazing! My brother is into the formula 1 racing and its his birthday july 23rd. We have been looking around to find a racing car cake and yours looks great. How much would you charge to make the cake? We live in wiltshire and would collect depending on where you are.
    Look forward to your reply.

  • hi Lynsey,
    Brillant f1 cake just wondering if u could make the same cake again but for my 16th on the 26th march 2012. i really love formula 1 and i would really like to have a chocolate cake in the shape of lewis hamilton’s car. I can’t seem to find any other website who does f1 cakes. email me at rachel.jones26@sky.com, for details.
    thank you

  • That’s amazing!!! My Son is 4 on the 3rd Sept & has asked for a formula one cake – he’s also needs a cake free from cows milk. What would the cost be? Where are you based? We are in Wiltshire (near Longleat). Please email me :)

  • Hi,

    Please can you tell me what you used to do the white logoing, on the wheels for example? I thought maybe a white food pen, but I can;t seem to find one anywhere?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Carlene,
      For the white on the wheels and the logos I used a food colour paste called Americolor soft gel paste in bright white. It comes in a small 20ml bottle and I applied this to the cake with a very thin paintbrush.

      • Hi Lynsey,

        Thanks so much for your reply, I’m going to attempt to make it for the other half’s birthday, I have been looking for a good one to copy and yours is by far the best out there!

  • hi, lynsey first of all i would like to say great job on making such a great cake i was just wandering where you got the grey icing/fondant from, could you please tell me where you got it from as i cant find it.

    • Hi Saleh, Thank you for your lovely comments. The icing for the F1 car is actually normal white icing with a tiny bit of black added to make the grey. Once it is on the cake I used a paintbrush to brush on light silver lustre dust to make it sparkle.

  • AHH!! i was thinking maybe you used black but wasn’t sure, as i thought it might make it to dark, how much should i roughly use to mix in the fondant icing for a cake roughly the same size as yours?

  • Hi Lynsey…me again! I’m pretty sure I have all the supplies ready to attempt this cake,i was just wondering what the dimensions are, I know you mention 3 8inch cakes were used to create it, would you be able to explain how it’s constructed, or if you used a template to create the shape?

    Many thanks!

    • Hi Carlene,
      It was 3 x 7 inch cakes. 2 piled on top of each other at the back and then the third cut in half and placed on the front. I then used a template that I made to carve the cakes into the shape, if you look at the cake in my gallery you can get an idea of the template shape. With the corners that were cut off I then used these to build up the back, and build up the seat area. I really hope this helps and your cake goes well, If you have any other questions please let me know.

  • hi,
    it is my fiances birthday coming up in a week and i know this is really last minute but i really need to know how to make this or if you would be able to make it for me and how much it would cost to do that… i am based in morecambe, lancashire and wouldnt have any way of coming to pick it up unfortunately so it would have to be posted… please email me on laurenmariewilson@hotmail.co.uk about this and if you would be able to make it for me and how much it would cost.
    many thanks

  • Hi

    I have been asked to make a formula 1 car from the Maclaren Mercedes Team and pulled up your pictures in Google. Would you object if I used your pictures to help me in designing mine?

    Kind regards
    Sharon Hogg

    • Hi Sharon,

      I am so sorry for the late reply I have only just seen your message. I hope your F1 car turned out well.

      Kind Regards

  • hi my dads 50th is comming up and this is the exact cake he wants how much wouls it cost and serve

  • Hi there,

    Id love this for my bros 21st birthday – how much would it cost?


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