Over the past 8 months Alex has watched me create cakes for everyone in our family, and with every cake trying to better the previous. Now its his birthday, so I have been planning this cake for a long time. I really wanted to create a McClaren F1 car. Only problem was I had absolutely no idea how to create it, so armed with pictures of the real car and a lot of enthusiasm I set about creating it.

So here’s how I did it…3 days before his birthday I started to create the tyres out of Rice Cripsie squares covered in blank fondant. The cake itself is made from 3 8inch square cakes carved into the initial shape and covered in grey icing/fondant. I then painted on lustre dust to make the whole car shiny. The front and rear spoilers are made from gumpaste and were a mission to attach. If I were ever to make a similar cake to this again I definitely learnt a few things through trial and error. All the logos covering the cake are hand painted. I have to say that when I finally finished attaching the rear spoiler at 2am on the morning of his birthday I definitely was pleased with how it looked, and more than that though I was quite surprised that I had actually pulled it off. I have put more images of this cake from different angles in my cake gallery so take a look.